New GoDaddy Promo Codes

Some of the best GoDaddy Promo codes can be found at Geek News Central a long time sponsor of that sites Podcast. New codes are being introduced monthly get the best deals today. By visiting

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GoDaddy Domain Name Sale

Get a GoDaddy domain name for .99 cents this is the best deal in the domain space. This is a one-time promo code for new account holders at GoDaddy. Great for someone starting out in the space and starting their own website. Domains renew for $8.49 the following year but this is a great deal for someone looking to start their own podcast or have a site to call their own. Creators are finding the power of building their brand with the help of the folks at

See the best GoDaddy deals for all your domain and hosting needs here.

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Best Domain and Hosting Prices Ever

GoDaddy has a history of rewarding new customers with incredible first time purchasing prices and long-term value renewal prices. I have been using GoDaddy products and services since 2001 with many years of great customer service. I have never had an issue that was not resolved by their incredible support team.

GoDaddy top-level domains now number of 200 so it is virtually impossible to not find a domain that fits your need. I recently picked up a .chat domain to support a new chat site I am running that is helping me build traffic and loyalty to my primary website.

The GoDaddy team has also made major changes to their marketing which now reflects the values of a modern era company that is growing and supporting their customers globally. Is it not time that you took a look at GoDaddy products and services and see how you can improve your online position or start a new enterprise. The following GoDaddy Promo codes can be used at checkout or click on the link to lock in amazing savings.

cjcgnc30 – Save 30%* on product purchases this is the best code to lock in major savings.
cjcgnc99 – For new customers get a .com for .99 cents one time on New or Transferred domains
cjcgnc1hs– The best hosting deal yet $1.00 a month economy hosting with a FREE Domain
cjcgncwp1 -No security worries ever $1.00 a month Managed WordPress Hosting 1st Year with FREE Domain

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Free Domain Name from GoDaddy

Get a free Domain Name from GoDaddy anytime you order a Managed WordPress Hosting account or pick up a standard Hosting Account. This is the best deal in the space. For $12 for the first year of hosting service you get a Free Domain Name from GoDaddy along with the hosting service for the first year. The following two GoDaddy Promo codes will get you this amazing Offer.

Managed WordPress CJCGNCWP1
Standard Hosting CJCGNC1HS

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Best Hosting and Domain Deals!

You can never go wrong picking up a GoDaddy domain or hosting account. The absolute best support in the space. Using these codes support a great team. We are not a big corporate entity. To guarantee lock in of the discount enter the code at checkout and make sure the 1yr term is selected. Good luck with your site or domain.

Save 30%* on all new product purchases!
Get a .com for .99 cents New or Transfer code good one time!
$1.00 a month economy hosting with a FREE Domain $12 a Year
$1.00 a month Managed WordPress Hosting 1st Year with FREE Domain $12 a Year
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GoDaddy Promo Codes

Check out all the latest coupon codes, promo codes & discounts for 2016. Remember: Check Geek News Central GoDaddy Promo Codes First. Verified coupons and promo codes as of Nov 16. Popular now $1.00 a month hosting plans.

GoDaddy Promo Codes

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Free Domain Name with GoDaddy WebSite Builder

GoDaddy’s WebSite Builder is perfect for anyone that wants to get started fast, featuring a free domain with every new account. They have three different plans, all of which offer the free domain with an annual plan, unlimited pages and a free one-year subscription to Microsoft Office 365, which also includes a business email.

Personal Plan
This plan costs $1/month annually and gives you 50 personal themes to choose from, 1 GB of disk space and 150 GB of bandwidth.

Business Plan
The Business plan, said to be its most popular plan, gives you 300 business and personal themes, 10 GB of disk space, 500 GB bandwidth and a mobile site to match your desktop site.

Business Plus Plan
The Business Plus plan is the only plan that includes SEO, and it costs $10.99/month annually or $14.99/month when you pay on a monthly basis. This plan includes everything the regular Business plan features, plus 50 GB of disk space, 1,000 GB bandwidth, one-click social media management and a one-year SSL certificate.

Getting a one year plan is always the best.. You can always upgrade accounts so I say start with the Personal Plan and build up from there. For a dollar a month you really cannot go wrong with their deals.

Using GoDaddy’s website builder, website’s template can be easily changed at any time. An appealing template can be chosen from an array of different options, which can completely change the feel and look of the website. For further assistance in template selection, filtering by products, color, features, navigation, style, and category is also possible. The templates can be edited using a variety of tools available. Any changes in the templates can be made from the website builder homepage or from the page designer.

Use the promo code GJCGNCGOT to lock in the best pricing available at GoDaddy. For more codes or to get a 30% discount code that will save you a ton visit our Partners GoDaddy Promo Code Page.

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New Year Discount Domain Deals

With the New Year fast approaching it is a great time to pick up a new .com for .99 cents.. It really does not get better than that when it comes to savings at GoDaddy.. In fact GoDaddy has hosting deals now where you get a free domain with a $1.00 a month hosting account. Simply incredible that in 2016 you will be able to launch your business or blog, podcast for just $1.00 a month for the first year. That is not a deal you are going to find anyplace else. GoDaddy has the best uptime in the space and their customer service is second to none. With a new focus in their business customers will find that they can find everything they need to get started and compete with style at GoDaddy.

Discount Offers
30% Off New Products
.99 cent .com
$1.00 Economy Hosting
$1.00 Managed WordPress.

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Save 30% at GoDaddy

Unlike other sites that claim to save you 90% or more at GoDaddy we provide you with real deals for real customers. This month we have teamed up with GoDaddy to provide you 30% off on GoDaddy products and services. No dollar deals, just flat rate discounts that if you picking up some top level domains or a dedicated server we are here to make sure at the end of your shopping experience you have save a some serious cash.

To lock in the 30% discount please feel free to click the link or used the Promo Code: CJCGNC30

On top of that we have serious savings on domains, wordpress hosting account, standard web hosting all packaged with some incredible packages. We have partnered up with a great site that delivers great deals and unlike some of those coupon sites run by huge enterprises your used of their GoDaddy Promo Codes keeps our partners site online.

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.99 cent .com at GoDaddy

For the first time ever, GoDaddy has lowered the price of new or transferred domain to .99 cents. You can click on the link or use the promo code cjcgnc99 on checkout. This type of pricing has never ever been seen before.

With their recent IPO raising nearly 450 million dollars they have a reason to celebrate. So get a new .com today over at GoDaddy and do not let the special get away.

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